06-11 Civic Sedan TLX JEWEL EYE

Have a well-built 8th Civic Sedan? You need these lights. Limited Run of 10 sets only.

Here's your chance to own a Limited Edition set of retrofit headlights for your 8th Civic Sedan.

We've seen them done before, we've been asked in the past to do it. Finally we have "experimented" and verified that this retrofit when done from us, will retain 100% adjustability and proper beam level. We don't just slap the assemblies in your headlights and call it a day, we want to make sure your investment actually performs as it should.

We are keeping the production on these low because we want them to be unique and displayed on quality builds. The availability of parts is also low. Acquiring a pair of these headlight cores for retrofitting is often a daunting task in itself. Finally, the amount of labor and modification to the original headlight required to fit these is much more involved than a traditional retrofit.

International shipping is available for additional fees.
Please note these headlights are for LHD/USDM vehicles, the TLX Jewel Eyes are US DOT beam pattern.
They will not be street legal / pass inspection in RHD countries.

Pricing Information:
Quoted on case-by-case basis due to parts cost which varies.
50% Deposit due up front to secure parts, remainder to be paid at your own pace.
Lights are built after balance is paid in full. No exceptions.

Technical Information:
Acura TLX LED low+high beam units
Titanium Anodized and Laser Engraved placards with your serial #001-010
Retains OE turn signal
Low and High beam function
Inner bezel is trimmed and painted gloss black
LED drivers are pigtailed and socketed, PNP to relay harness
Retains factory adjustment, can raise beam up/down (100% functional retrofit, not a static-fit)

Optional Modifications:
Jewel Eyes illuminated with a LED strip for "demon eye" look
LED strip brands available: Morimoto (Switchback or RGB Bluetooth), Starry Night (RGBW "Chasing")