aftermarket projectors

Aftermarket projectors are a cost-friendly alternative to OEM projectors. They come pre-installed with a clear
lens so tuning and lens swapping is not even necessary. Save time and money!

Priced in pairs, all of the aftermarket projectors we carry are bixenon units.

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Mini H1 standard bixenon
Mini H1 bixenon

These projectors are perfect for those seeking the easiest possible installation with little compromise in performance. The Mini H1's are small form factor and bolt-in to factory H7, 9006, H11, 9007, H13 headlights.

Disassemble headlights, insert threaded mounting shaft of the Mini H1 through the pre-existing hole in the back of your reflector bucket, tighten the stack with the included hardware, and you're virtually done.

These standard variant projectors are a low cost entry-level performance projector for those on a budget.

Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 bixenon
Mini D2S bixenon
A high performance version of the Mini H1 standard projector, these units manufactured by Morimoto offer wider output, sharper cutoff, and overall better build quality and hardware.

These are also bolt-in to factory H7, 9006, H11, 9007, H13 headlights using the same installation method.

Choose the Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 for absolute best bang-for-buck performance and ease of installation, perfect for first time retrofitters who want high-end performance.


Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 bixenon
Mini D2S bixenon

Very similar in terms of performance to the Morimoto Mini H1 7.0, the Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 has a brighter hotspot and more concentrated color band. The projectors utilize a 3" clear lens and are a bolt-in alternative to the Mini H1 7.0.

These projectors are perfect for retrofitting H4/9003 halogen headlights with their included adapter plates, allowing a "plug n play" type installation with no cutting/modification to the housing and an instant horizontal alignment.

Use these projectors for the ability to choose from a variety of OEM D2S bulbs.


Morimoto FX-R 3.0 bixenon
FX-R bixenon
Coming in a close second place to the Acura TL on the performance spectrum, the FX-R's are a true retrofitter's delight with their smaller size, integrated mounting points, and internal solenoid.

When you consider a full size projector on the basis of light output, ease of install, and value - the FX-R easily takes the cake.

FX-Rs have been "the standard" for a quality aftermarket OE-replica projector for many years. Offered in 2.5" and 3" variants, these projectors give you some flexibility in the final appearance you want to achieve.


Morimoto EvoX-R bixenon
FX-R bixenon
Coming standard with a 3" clear lens and a mirror finish reflector bowl, the EvoX-R manages to make plenty of light.

Their bolt pattern is identical to older Hella 3" halogen, xenon, and bi-xenon projectors - so can be used as a direct bolt on upgrade in many OEM or aftermarket housings that use these designs.

The EvoX-R is derived from the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Original Equipment design. It's the best option for upgrading cars that came with older 3" Hella HID or Halogen projectors, and it's also ideally shaped for a traditional retrofit too.


Morimoto 4TL-R bixenon
FX-R bixenon
As a relative to Morimoto's Mini D2S, the 4TL-R shares the same precision! The castings, the materials used for the bi-xenon mechanism and it's moving parts, to the the finishes applied from front to back are the market's demanded all along: OEM quality in an aftermarket setting.

They produce a very wide beam pattern with a perfect distribution of light and top it off with a supremely sharp cutoff that will blow your mind.

This is one of the best performing small bi-xenon projectors on the market today and you can custom retrofit these into almost anything and reap the rewards!


oem projectors

OEM projectors are for the retrofitter that settles for nothing but the best.
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Lexus RX330/BlackSeries low beam
RX330 AFS/TSX-R combo

The Lexus RX-AFS is the little bro' to the renowned Honda S2000 projector. Differing mostly in terms of price, these offer 95% of the performance for half of the cost. Our Black Series clear lenses come standard to help unleash their full potential.

The Lexus RX-AFS Low beam projectors are one of the most under-rated projectors out there. Comparable to the Acura TSX's in size: the RX costs less, also has a clear lens, a sharper cutoff, and a better spread of light. One of the best kept secrets in our opinion!

Superior OEM performance at a budget friendly cost!


Acura TSX/TSX-R low beam
RX330 AFS/TSX-R combo
Known for their sharp beam pattern, rainbow color flicker effect, and better than average light output. Wrapped up into a small size and with integrated mounting points, they are one of the most widely retrofitted dedicated low beams.

TSX projectors are on the smaller end of the scale, so they're perfect for retrofits into headlights with relatively short height profiles.

With the included TSX-R clear lens and curved cutoff shield, they offer a nicely defined cutoff, tons of rainbow color-flicker, and a respectably bright and wide beam pattern.


Lexus RX350/STi-R bixenon
RX330 AFS/TSX-R combo
When the Lexus RX350 Bi-xenons came out in 2010, they quickly climbed the totem poll to be regarded as one of the best performing bi-xenon projectors on the market. We happen to agree!

Their performance is more like an Acura TL bi-xenon, but their size is more like a Hella Bi-xenon - giving them much better than average light output in a smaller than average and more convenient size/shape.

The STi-R clear lens upgrade maximizes their performance potential through increased intensity and sharper, more vibrantly colored cutoff lines.


Acura TL/ZKW-R bixenon
RX330 AFS/TSX-R combo
Certainly not well known for being small and easy to retrofit or cheap, but boy are they worth it being known for one of the widest and brightest beam patterns for a bi-xenon projector.

Their full potential is really unleashed when the included 3" ZKW-R clear lenses are installed - with virtually no loss of intensity from side to side and more light throughout, the clear lenses take an already good projector and make it even better.

Huge projector, difficult to fit into most housings, but very good performance. Prepare yourself for some difficult retrofitting but you'll be happy with the end result!


Honda S2000/TSX-R low beam
RX330 AFS/TSX-R combo
The best of the best dedicated low beam projector ever made. For as long as it's been around, every time we light one up in the shop, to this day it amazes us how much it blows every other projector away.

Its fat reflector bowl, curved cutoff shield, and stock clear lens give the S2K's a beam that's wider, brighter, and sharper than any other OEM projector out there. What else could you ask for?

Trim the large bracket off the side of the projector, install the clear lenses, and you've got yourself a pair of small form factor ultra-performance projectors ready to retrofit!