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At RSXRetrofits.com, we offer quality retrofit headlights and retrofit services at affordable prices. Compare our prices to the other guys out there and you will see that our packages are all inclusive, priced lower, and utilize better equipment.

Let us show you what we can do for your RSX.

What is a retrofit?

A xenon HID projector retrofit consists of converting a halogen/reflector headlight into one that utilizes a projector. The process involves precision cutting of the original headlamp components and custom-mounting the projector in its place, securing it with a very strong epoxy. Rotational alignment of the new projector must be manually set to ensure that the beam pattern is as straight as possible when complete.

what is the benefit?


There are a handful of benefits HID projector lighting will give you over conventional halogen/reflector type lighting:
     1. Focused output beam, no glare (safety)
     2. Wider coverage area while also brighter (performance)
     3. Bi-xenon capabilities (utility)
     4. Color flicker effect (aesthetics)

Focused output beam:
With projector lighting, a metal shield inside the projector creates a uniform focused beam of light that does not allow any stray light (glare) from coming above that line. This line that is formed by the light is called the "cutoff".

Wider and further coverage area:
HID projectors give much greater beam dispersion and width, the outputted light not only travels much further directly in front, but stretches out to each side of the car as well giving you ample side-lighting.

Bi-xenon capabilities:
With a bixenon projector retrofit, you have the capability of running low and high beams all in one unit. High beams are instantaneous as there is no secondary bulb to be fired up. When high beams are engaged, a solenoid is energized inside the projector which drops the cutoff shield and lets light escape above the cutoff, giving you high beams. The original factory halogen bulbs can be left wired up for 4 (quad) high beams (2 bixenon projectors, 2 oem halogen).

Color flicker effect:
Lastly, with a retrofitted lighting system, a clear lens swap will yield "color flicker" at the cutoff line. This color ranges from light blue to purple and is formed by the bending of light past the cutoff shield. Oncoming drivers will be greeted with a colorful "wink" from retrofitted headlights as the colorband passes between their eyes. This exotic color flicker effect is found stock on many Porsche, BMW, and Audi vehicles that come equipped with factory-xenon headlights. With a clear lens swap, this color is intensified as well as the clarity and sharpness of the beam and cutoff line. See the color flicker effect.

Aiming and Adjustment


The aiming of a retrofit is very important and should not be overlooked.
Improper aiming will blind oncoming drivers and is a safety issue as projector lighting is very bright in comparison to halogen.

All of our retrofit headlights retain all factory adjustment and can be adjusted with the dials found on the backside of the headlight. You will be able to lower and raise (vertical adjustment) the beam and adjust the beams left and right (horizontal adjustment) on 02-04 models only.

To properly aim retrofitted headlights, please follow this simple guide:
     1) Park vehicle on level ground at least 25-35ft away from a flat wall
     2) Measure the height from ground level to the center of projector lens
     3) Adjust cutoff of both headlights on the wall to 2-3in below the measured value in Step 2

Your headlights are now properly aimed and will not blind oncoming traffic.

Plug-and-play hid kitS

If your RSX already has a working HID kit installed in the vehicle, you can re-use your existing ballasts and wiring. An AMP->D2S adapter is needed to convert the ballast outputs from AMP (aftermarket) to D2S connector type to fit D2S base xenon bulbs and is included in all of our retrofit packages when you select "No ballasts, no relay harness" as the package configuration.

This configuration states that you will be using your own existing ballasts and wiring. The adapter is included in the price so your ballasts can drive the D2S bulbs included with your retrofit package.

If you would like to inquire about an entirely custom setup, please fill out the [ Custom Quotes ] page so we can get more information on what it is you'd like for your headlights.

Color temperature vs Color Flicker


HID bulbs come in a multitude of ranging Kelvin temperatures. The bulb Kelvin temperature is the color of light being emitted by the bulb. Color flicker is seen due to the diffraction of light at the cutoff shield in the projector and is very intense. Many confuse these two, they are not the same. Puttiing "bluer" bulbs in your headlights will not give you any more color flicker.

About bulb Kelvin: the further up the Kelvin scale your bulb is, the less light (lumens) it is actually outputting.
For example, An 8000K bulb @ 35w will be less bright than a 6000K bulb at the same wattage.
We do not stock any bulbs above 6000K for this reason -- over 6000K and you're sacrificing performance for "bluer" light.

Any bulb above 6000K is to the point where lighting performance is sacrificed for a bluer color.
For our own customers' safety, we only stock high performing 3000K, 4300K, 5000K, and 6000K bulbs.

Low-beam vs bixenon


A low beam projector only outputs light in one mode, low-beams.
A bixenon projector operates in two-modes, as demonstrated above.

Bixenon projectors have an electronic solenoid that actuates when the high beams are activated and drops the cutoff shield inside, exposing more light upwards above the low beam cutoff, giving the driver instant high beams.

To see the mechanics of the bixenon projector in action, watch this [ video ].

workmanship Warranty

We stand 100% by our retrofit work. Our confidence means we can pass along a full 2 year warranty on all pre-built or made-to-order retrofit headlights from date of purchase. This warranty covers any defects in workmanship and component failures. If a problem arises with the headlight(s), send them back and we'll make sure all is corrected and resolved before sending them right back out to you.

Any headlights or parts sent in by the customer that have been damaged by the customer due to mis-use, improper installation, etc. voids the warranty on the part(s). The customer will be charged for any replacement part(s) and service(s) to repair the damage.

The Workmanship Warranty DOES NOT cover normal wear and tear or hazing to the headlight lens.


LED products such as demon eyes, halos (angel eyes), backlighting, strips, etc. do not last forever. Similar to HID bulbs, all of these products do have an operating lifespan. Demon eyes and angel eyes are exposed to heat produced from the bulbs and suffer the most stress.

Please understand that we do not produce any LED products, we simply install them. We always update our component line to use the most current reliable and high performing LED products but do not expect these products to operate forever. Rest assured that what we are installing into your headlights are the current industry leading products.

Malfunctioning parts due to pulled wiring or improper installation is not covered under warranty and the customer is responsible for cost of replacement part(s) and labor to replace/repair.

For any LED product related issues not due to the above, the customer is responsible for the labor charge to replace/repair the malfunctioning part(s) only. The replacement part(s) is covered under warranty.

Condensation Warranty

While we do our best to ensure that there is a 100% perfect seal between the headlight lens and housing, we cannot guarantee that condensation will not develop. Condensation does not only develop due to standing water in the headlight, but even humidity in the air and differences in temperature and air pressure can cause similar issues. Within the 2 year warranty period, we will re-seal the headlights and ensure all rubber caps are in-tact -- free of charge.

Before inquiring about warranty for condensation issues, make sure that:
1) All bulb holders (parking lights, turn signal, etc) and their rubber grommets are in-tact and installed correctly on the light
2) All bulb flanges have caps installed snugly and securely over them
3) There are no rips or tears in the bulb caps or grommets of the bulb holders

Light condensation may develop after installation of the lights after a short period of use. This is due to the moisture in the sealant used between the lens and housing. This condensation is absolutely normal and will dissipate over time. This is NOT due to an improper sealing of the headlight. If condensation is a persistent issue, please contact us to have the lights sent back in for re-sealing.

For all Warranty repairs, shipping cost will be covered by the customer and return shipping cost will be covered by us.

If you are having any issues with our product, please email cs@rsxretrofits.com.

Return Policy

100% customer satisfaction with our product is our goal. If you have any issues with your headlights, we will go our way to fix the problems and make sure you're satisfied in the end. Products (DIY retrofit kits, retrofit parts, HID components, etc.) must be returned within 30 days of original purchase date. A 20% restocking fee will be charged on any product returns within the allotted time-frame. Returned products are also eligible for store credit or exchange. The returned product(s) must be in original factory-new condition and free of any defects or signs of use or installation. There are no returns on any used or products that have been installed.

Services and retrofit headlights are non-refundable as they are covered by the warranty policies above.


We pack our headlights in their factory-original boxes that are designed to hold the headlight securely and safely during transit. Extra padding material is also packed inside for extra precaution -- however, we cannot guarantee that damage during transit will not occur. Negligence on the shipping carrier's end is always the reason for damaged lights upon arrival.

Customers will need to add insurance up to the full cost of their purchase after order completion. UPS and USPS Priority Mail shipments include $100 worth of damage-insurance by default. If the customer does not add extra insurance, we will only be able to claim $100 worth of compensation for any damages. Any extra costs for parts and services will be billed to the customer.

To ensure that your purchase is covered completely, adding extra insurance to your purchase is highly recommended.
Doing so ensures that you will not have to pay out-of-pocket for any part(s) or service(s) if we need to build a new light.

If your lights arrive damaged, do not install the lights on the car, and contact us immediately and provide photo evidence of the damage. The photo evidence is needed for opening a damaged item claim with the shipping carrier.
Keep the lights in the boxes along with all packaging material the way it was sent and we will instruct you further.

Please note that compensation often takes several weeks to pay out by the shipping carrier and usually involves sending out an inspector to observe and verify the damage(s). It is imperative that the lights are left exactly the way they arrived.

Compensation is paid out to the sender.
Once we receive the compensation from the claim, only then can we order any replacement part(s)
and perform any service(s) required to either repair or rebuild the lights. Repair/rebuild service is not done free of charge, which is why it is highly recommended that your order is insured for the full purchase amount.

Typical Insurance Claim Scenario:
1) Customer purchases a brand new set of retrofit headlights and adds insurance in the full value amount of the purchase.
2) Upon arrival, a tab is broken on the light(s). Customer takes photo of the damages and sends us the photo evidence.
3) We open a claim and shipping carrier has an inspector come out to observe and verify the damaged item(s).
4) Several weeks later, the shipping carrier pays out the compensation for the damage(s).
5) We order brand new light(s), part(s), etc. and build brand new light(s) for the customer.
6) Newly built light(s) is shipped out to the customer.