RSXRetrofits.com was launched in 2012 and we have been in business for over 3 years, supplying our customers with the highest quality DIY (do-it-yourself) retrofit parts and complete retrofit headlights for those who would rather let us do the legwork. Our experience in retrofitting has allowed us to carry and adopt our skills onto many other makes and models. While owners of the Acura RSX are still our top-grossing customers, we have retrofitted lights for many other makes including (but not limited to) Chevy, Honda, Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, and more!

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Conventional halogen (reflector-bowl) lighting systems suffer in performance when compared to the newer-tech HID and LED headlights today. While most owners of vehicles with a halogen/reflector headlights choose to "upgrade" via a plug-and-play HID kit, this is money that is ill-spent and really does not offer any real performance increase over the factory halogen bulbs. A "HID Kit" that is installed into a halogen/reflector headlight only produces more lighting glare than stock and changes the color of the light. Light output may seem brighter only due to the excess glare produced. The glare that is produced from these "HID kit" headlights now is only a safety-hazard for oncoming drivers.

The fact is, that putting in a Plug-and-Play HID kit (bulbs and ballasts) into a halogen/reflector type housing is incorrect as the reflector is not optically designed for that type of bulb. The halogen bulb and HID bulbs have different focal points and any shift in these focal points throw the beam pattern off. This will result in excess glare and stray light in the beam pattern. When a plug-and-play HID kit is installed into halogen/reflector headlights, this shift of the focal point causes glare that can be distracting for oncoming drivers and provides no real-world performance increase in your vehicle's lighting.

Believe it or not... plug-and-play HIDs are actually a downgrade from stock.

- Notice the excessive glare above the in the plug-and-play HID kit setup. No beam definition at all.
- Now, take notice the sharpness, beam uniformity, and intensity of the retrofitted lighting on the right. Big difference.

The only way to achieve the exotic color flicker of blue and purple seen on high-end luxury vehicles while increasing lighting performance is to use HID-projector retrofitted headlights. The retrofit headlights we produce are not just show pieces, but are completely functional and a vast improvement over stock or any plug-and-play HID kit.

Function AND Form. That's what we're about. Let us show you the light.

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