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Compatibility: Our product fits most all 5-lug Honda/Acura models. Contact us for your specific application.

Our modified calipers will make fitting them on any chassis a lot easier with zero permanent modifications necessary to the hub/knuckle.
About our Conversion Kit: Many Honda/Acura vehicles want bigger brakes and the Acura TL-S calipers are a great way to go. There are "DIY" guides to how to "get these to work" on your car but they use components not originally designed for the calipers. You may have read to use S2000 rotors, to use wheel spacers behind this rotor, then use another wheel spacer to get enough clearance. Most will tell you also to drill out your knuckle for the larger caliper bolt. This is just a hassle and the wrong way to run these brakes.

Instead of permanently modifying your suspension components and running improper rotors, we have a solution for this brake caliper retrofit which involves modifying the calipers themselves. The end result is a 100% a complete bolt-on solution for those owners who do not want to permanently modify their knuckle or run a bunch of useless spacers in front and behind their rotors. Our method gives you 5mm of extra clearance between the wheel and caliper which may be just that bit of clearance you need to clear the calipers, negates the need to drill the knuckle, and negates the need for any spacer behind the rotor. The bottom line is that our TL-S calipers are a bolt-on upgrade that does not add unnecessary unsprung weight to your hub and takes all the hassle out of this very desired brake upgrade.
Complete Kit: - TL-S Brembo 4-piston calipers
     » Calipers professionally milled to fit Honda/Acura 5-lug knuckles
     » Calipers professionally re-threaded for correct bolt size and pitch
            (no need to drill your knuckle!)
- 4x OEM caliper bolts to fit the new threads
- 2x Stainless Steel Rotor Shims (perfectly centers your TL-S rotors within the caliper)
- 2x BREMBO Decals (only included with powdercoating service)
- Calipers are inspected, cleaned, and rebuilt with new piston seals and dust boots


$750 shipped
Conversion Service: If you have a pair of TL-S calipers already and want us to perform the modification services and provide the appropriate hardware, we can perform the modifications on your provided calipers and send them to you ready to bolt-on!

Details of services and parts below:

- Calipers professionally milled to fit Honda/Acura 5-lug knuckles
- Calipers professionally re-threaded for correct bolt size and pitch
      (no need to drill your knuckle!)
- 4x OEM caliper bolts to fit the new threads
- 2x Stainless Steel Rotor Shims (perfectly centers your TL-S rotors within the caliper)


$500 shipped

Powdercoating: If you want a perfectly refinished set of calipers, adding our powdercoat service will get you just that. Two powdercoating services are available, a Stage 1 (single coat - $100) and Stage 2 (two coat - $150) that will make your new calipers look brand new. A set of Brembo decals are also included with the purchase of powdercoat service. If powdercoating service is not added, your calipers will come in a used OEM painted finish (black) or raw aluminum finish.

We have a lot of different color powder on hand. Please make a note in the text-box with a description of the color you are trying to achieve. If you want something specific, please visit and enter in the product number and we can obtain that exact powder for you. If we do not have the color on hand, there is a $25 charge to cover the cost of ordering the powder you want.

Also note that we completely disassemble the calipers before they go into powdercoat and feel that it is definitely worthwhile for the customer. Many calipers powdercoated by other companies go in as one piece to save them time and effort. However, if there is a time where your calipers need to be rebuilt (ex. replacing a piston, piston seal, etc.), the bolts holding the caliper together will break the powdercoat and ruin the finish on the back of the caliper and along the seam where the two caliper halves meet. Since we powdercoat the calipers completely disassembled, you can be sure that if you ever need to diassemble the caliper halves, the finish you paid for will not be ruined as a result.

Select Powdercoat Service:
Desired Color:

FAQ: 1) Will I be able to re-use my OEM caliper bolts?
No. Your factory caliper bolts will no longer be used with our calipers. You will be provided the correct bolts for this new application.

2) Will these clear my ________ wheels?
We cannot answer with certainty, every wheel has different design and specifications. All we can tell you is that if it does not clear, you will simply need to run a wheel spacer. On our shop vehicle with a 17x9 +22 wheel, there is almost an entire inch of clearance between the caliper body and wheel spokes. Wider wheels with lower offset and concave designs afford the most clearance. Issues with fitment/clearance due to wheel size/specifications can be corrected on your own using spacers. It is your responsibility to ensure these calipers will fit with the wheels you have, not ours.

Extended studs may also be required depending on your chassis and wheels. We cannot tell you if they are required or not, there are too many variables. Budget ahead for them just in case. During test fitting, you will be able to determine if longer studs are necessary for your exact application.

3) Do you offer a Warranty on the brakes?
No. We modify the brakes and any original warranty is void from this modification. If there are any highly unlikely issues with your calipers that are directly an effect of our modification performed, contact us and we can address them.

4) I have a Base model (non Type-S, non Si). Do I need to upgrade my Proportioning Valve and Master Cylinder/Booster?
No, but it is recommended. Base RSX owners should upgrade to at least the RSX-S Prop Valve and BMC/Booster. This ensures that there is proper brake bias with the larger brakes. Adjustable proportioning valves are also produced by Wilwood if you wish to fine tune the system even further.

5) What rotors do I need?

You will need Acura TL-S rotors, do not use any other rotors. Our calipers are designed to allow you to use the correct OE configured parts. We recommend purchasing all brand new pads and rotors for your new calipers.

** S2000 owners will need to re-use the stock rotors due to larger front hub bore, or find custom rotors with correct diameter and hub bore. **

6) What pads do I need?
You will need Acura TL-S pads, do not use any other pads. OEM or aftermarket equivalent will suffice.

7) Do the calipers look fairly "new" without powdercoat service?
No. We source used calipers and also remanufactured new calipers. Used calipers will always show signs of wear and tear. Used calipers will not look pretty. Remanufactured new calipers are raw aluminum and silver in color. If you want your calipers to look brand new with a show finish, you must add our powdercoating services or take care of refinishing on your own. See the powdercoating section of this page for more information.

8) What is the turnaround time?
Turnaround time is typically 2-3 weeks from order date to delivery. If adding powdercoat service, this may extend the wait up to another 3-4 days but may vary. We will do our best to ensure you receive your product in a timely manner but please note that our products are all made-to-order and wait times can be longer (or faster!) than estimated depending on current workload and stock.

Any other questions, please use our Contact Form.