The electronic power steering conversion is a popular modification installed on the RSX. Whether you need it for a supercharged application or simply want to clean up the engine bay and still retain power steering, we have what you need to complete this conversion.

We provide you with a completely matched of components - rack, bcu, and wiring - that is tested, cleaned, uncut, and guaranteed to be compatible out of the box and ready to install. No more troubles with racks not powering on, dead bcus, cut wiring, missing parts, and scouring the web for a specific component.

Competitively priced with ensured operability, going for our EPS kit is a no-brainer.

Due to increasing shipping costs, we can no longer afford to ship these racks with the inner tie rods attached. When installing, swap your original RSX inner tie rods onto your EPS rack. They are the same.

What's Included:
Honda Civic EPS rack
Matched BCU unit
Uncut wiring harness
Installation instructions

Steering Ratios:
From quickest to slowest: H-(MT), H-(AT), EP3, RSX
Manual Civic Hybrid rack has fastest ratio. Auto Civic Hybrid rack has next fastest.

** (MT) / (AT) is not vehicle fitment. Both will install onto both manual and auto RSX **

** Having a MT RSX does not mean you must purchase a MT rack, and vice versa **

Product Codes:
H - Civic Hybrid EPS rack
EP - Civic Hatch (EP3) EPS rack
(AT) - Automatic vehicle
(MT) - Manual vehicle
Choose a configuration: Current Inventory:
1x H-(AT) EPS in stock!
1x H-(MT) EPS in stock!

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RSX/EP3 Steering RISER BrackET

Lowered your car? Tie rod angles all wonky now?

Our steering riser brackets reposition the tie rod angle closer to OE specifications, which reduces or eliminates bump steer and improves steering response. These also alleviate increased wear on bushings due to improper tie rod arm angles.

This product is designed for off-road use only.

Material Information:
AISI 1018 cold rolled steel
CNC waterjet, precision machined and tapped
TIG welded
Aluminum reinforced silicone resin coating withstands up to 1000⁰F temperatures

100% made in the USA

Priced at $125 + shipping

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Want to raise your GT wing to new heights? We now offer a solution to do just that. Our extended GT Wing Risers Brackets are available in several different sizing options, materials, finishes, and bracket types for common wing manufacturers.

Choose from Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, or Titanium. Your wingstands can be painted, powdercoated, or anodized to fit your personal tastes and preferences.

100% made-in-the-USA using high quality composites and metals. All of our wingstands retain same as original thickness ensuring a rock-solid bracket that will not flex, will not be weaker than the stock, and we guarantee a 100% factory fit and attractive finished appearance.

Need a custom size or design? Contact us for a quote!

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J's Racing / Voltex 270mm Wing Riser Brackets


Choose a configuration: